There is a beautiful symmetry to how this blog is working.  My first post was about me procrastinating my packing by starting my trip blog a week and half early.  Now here I am...4ish months later and I am now procrastinating writing my final papers.  Yes, although I'm sure it is vitally important to my education to write 2000 words on why Christians can still do yoga without becoming Hindus...it is not nearly as fun as writing to you lot about the end of my adventures.

A sense of melancholy has fallen over Richmond University recently.  A lot of that I'm sure has to do with the amount of papers like said paper I mentioned above that we are all dealing with.  It also had a lot to do with the impending finals that are approaching.  But mostly it has to do with the fact that after 4 months of new friendships, traveling adventures, and living in the most exciting city on the planet, we are all returning to reality very very soon.  There seems to be mixed reactions amongst the group on this matter.

Some people could not be happier to leave.  It was initially planned for us to finish finals during the 1st week of May but because we must be able to adequately and appropriately celebrate the royal wedding, all of the finals were pushed up a week leaving a whole week to have fun and do crazy things.  However, these people who are beyond stoked to leave are actually pushing their flights up to leave earlier.  Now, personally I would consider this a waste of money when you could have one more week of fun before flying home.  But as a personal victim of homesickness when I moved away from home for the first time, I understand the need to get home ASAP and so I hope those people get back to the US safely and swiftly.

Some people are going to have to be dragged to Heathrow kicking and screaming.  A lot of people are talking about missing their flights intentionally just to stay longer and some are even already talking about trying to find a job here after graduation next year.  That's a bit of a ways into the future but I hope these people can adapt back into US life easily and find there back to the UK quickly.

I would put myself somewhere in the middle.  Although I am a bit further from my trip home than most of my fellow students, I am going to be leaving London on May 2nd, which will be a very bittersweet day.  I am beyond excited about my trip to Paris, Italy, and Spain, or at least I will be once the headache of planning it subsides.  But when the 23rd rolls around and I take my last tube ride from Gloucester Road on the Piccadilly line all the way the Heathrow Airport, I'm pretty sure I will be at peace knowing that I had the adventure of a lifetime.  I am excited to get home and to spend my summer in LA and very excited to be reunited with my ADPi Sisters in September as I start my Senior year.  But for now I'm just going to enjoy my last 2 weeks in London and my subsequent 3 weeks in Europe until I get to head back  to where I belong.

That is....if I ever survive my papers and finals!  Off to continue the work.


  1. Wow J! I can't BELIEVE the time is already up! What an adventure you have had. I am soooo glad you made the most of it and really enjoyed your time there--even if you did not yet fully fulfill your destiny to become a Royal! Hey...I'm still holding out hope! The Ginger is still single! ;-)

  2. Oops! Hit "post" before I was ready!

    Just wanted to say KUDOS to you for taking such a slice out of life and have SAFE TRAVELS back to LA! XO,
    Michelle & Peter